• Coaching is an incredibly important aspect of our services and one that many clients have sought for its own merit, external to our matchmaking services. Many of our clients find it helpful to have a neutral third party involved in order to obtain honest feedback from the other person. This often eliminates a lot of guesswork involved in navigating early relationships. Although many of our clients also consult friends and family, they also find the advice of an experienced and dedicated matchmaker extremely helpful. The conversations with the matchmakers are very different from what you are used to during the matching phase. We have a defined framework that we have our clients go through in the coaching process.
  • Other scenarios might include someone who just needs to explore their feelings towards an individual. It’s quite common to get to know someone and have a few pleasant conversations, but then wonder how they know if this individual is “the one”? For those who are ready to take the next step forward, we also offer professional pre-marriage counseling from a licensed therapist.
  • We have clients that have found matches external to beyond chai but have joined our service exclusively for coaching purposes. We help our clients navigate through the complexities of asking the right set of questions and maintaining the focus on important issues. If clients are not convinced with a match then the clients can rely on a third party service like us to help remove the biases that may be imposed on them and pressured to move forward without reasoning.
  • In a nut-shell, the Beyond Chai team consists of professionals who use their experiences from their own marriages and constant on-going job training to provide a listening ear and counsel to those who seek it.