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How are matches made?
Compatibility and Values. At Beyond Chai your match is someone with whom you share similar lifestyles, interests, goals and values to ensure that your relationship will have a solid foundation.
How does the site work?
Members create a profile that is entered in the beyond chai database. Members will be matched up with a matchmaker who will screen, select and send them potential matches. The member has the option to accept or decline the match.
Alright, so how long does it take to find a match?
Okay, let’s be real – finding a match takes time. While our matchmakers can perform magic, on average, it can take anywhere from 3 to 8 months. This may not be the case for everyone. Some of clients are able to find their match few days after signing up and others have gotten married 3 months into the process. We all have different needs and expectations. With this in mind, we expect clients to bear with us as we help find matches.
Okay, let’s be real – how much is this going to run me?

The packages are tailored for specific needs. The number of matches listed on the packages is not per month but delivered over the course of the year; these are anticipatory numbers based on client reciprocity and their commitment to the matching process at BeyondChai. Please schedule a Free Consultation Call if you have any further questions.

Why would one need a matchmaker vs. finding someone on their own?
Many of our members have tried everything (including online sites, friends and family connections). This has worked for some but not for everyone. There’s a certain pressure that comes when a family member or a friend proposes a match. At Beyond Chai we are a neutral party that is looking out for your best interest. We work collaboratively as a team to make sure that we are on the same page. Matchmaking is more of an art than science. You cannot simply come up with a list of criteria and expect a match to workout. A lot of effort goes on behind the scenes to find a match. For example, our members often say that they would like someone who is a “Moderate Muslim” – but this term ‘moderate’ can mean different to different people. So we have to dig deeper to understand the character and compatibility matrix.
What is a match?
Matchmakers will do the ground work of pre-screening matches to find likable candidates that meet your preferences.
When does my membership start?
Your membership starts immediately after you register and make a payment. While we are happy to work around our clients’ availability, we encourage you to make yourselves available so you can benefit immediately from our services.
What do you think of the online sites?
Online sites can be helpful but it can take an emotional toll on you. Having to weed through several profiles (including the fake ones) is challenging and time consuming. According to one survey over 70% of online profiles are fake. The number one complaint that we get from our members that have been on online sites is that they are not serious candidates for marriage or that there is no real conversations taking place to really get to know a person. In short-the process of getting to know someone online is very different and challenging.
Any advice to prospective members?
Trust your matchmaker when they propose matches – having a list of criteria is important but being open minded allows you to take advantage of other factors that you may not have considered. Start broad and work with your matchmaker to narrow down the qualities you are looking for in a match. The process is proven! Our success rate is 96% – we are vested in your best interest so help us help you by trusting us and by considering our matchmakers opinions and perspectives; After all, matchmaking is what they do day-in and day-out.
How long is my membership?
Matchmakers here at BeyondChai are here to help you. Your matchmaker will continue to seek out potential matches for you so long as your monthly subscription is active.
Why BeyondChai vs. other sites?
There is no other site like BeyondChai for American and Canadian Muslims. We are a collective of matchmakers that focus on understanding who our clients are and what values are important to them. We are not a database site – we have members but your matchmaker will not limit your search to just members and they will actively try to find matches that they think would be a suitable match. The BeyondChai Matchmakers help our clients discover themselves and help them identify the characteristics that they should be looking for in a match so it is not just short-term goal of getting married but in fact sustaining a healthy and happy marriage inshallah. Most people don’t realize the value of the feedback process through matchmaking – until it’s experienced. We provide key insights and guidance to our members that can spark profound personal (and necessary) change.
Who are the matchmakers?
The matchmakers on Beyond Chai are staff who are trustworthy and dedicated to helping the community out. They are genuinely excited about helping members achieve success.
Can I cancel my membership at any time? What about refunds?

Members can cancel their Matchmaking or Coaching membership at any time or remove their profile so that it is no longer visible to matchmakers. For cancellations, you must submit the cancellation form through your BeyondChai account at least three business days in advance of your monthly renewal membership date. Effective July 26, 2021, BeyondChai is no longer offering refunds. For clients who signed up before 07/26/2021, please get in touch with adminsupport@beyondchai.com.

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your subscription by submitting the cancellation form three business days before your next billing cycle. This form can be found in Membership Status under the username dropdown.

Are there any services you provide other than matchmaking?
Yes, we offer coaching and counseling, provided by experienced individuals.
Who can see my information?
The information is ONLY available to the matchmakers. Other members will not have access to your information. We will not share your information to others without your consent.
Do you have a rewards or referral program?

Yes! We will issue a $50 gift card for every signup if you successfully refer. The signed-up users must confirm the name and email of their referring party and maintain a monthly membership for three consecutive months. The Gift Card will be issued to the referring party once three successive months are complete.

Is my privacy ensured?
Strangers will not be able to discover your profile through a search engine. We will never share a member’s personal information without their consent. Member’s privacy is treated with utmost respect.
How can I help?
Aside from signing up, the best thing you can do to help is spread the word!
How old must a member be to join?
We represent singles ages 18 and older.