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The Companionship Package is designed for those who are 55+ years old and above, who are looking to get married for the sake of companionship. Call us or click the button below for a totally FREE consultation.

Is the Companionship Package right for you?

As you consider to tie the knot again, keep in mind that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reported to have said, “there is no foundation that has been built in Islam more loved by Allah than marriage”. This hadith shows the importance of marriage regardless of your age and situation.

The best of examples is that of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, for he married widowed, divorced, and women with children. Even marrying towards the later part of his life with Maimunah and Safiiyyah (May Allah be pleased with them).

If anything this should encourage you to seek prospects for marriage and it will be a means of bringing khaire (good) for you.

We understand that sometimes the situation may not be as simple as it may seem. We, at Beyond Chai, are here to help you navigate through the complexities and help you make the right decisions.

The Companionship Package is designed for those who are 55+ years old and above, who are looking to get married for the sake of companionship. These individuals have usually been previously married, perhaps have raised children, built lives and find themselves in the challenging situation of having become widowed or separated. We at Beyond Chai believe that if you are seeking a spouse, we can help!

The Companionship Package is priced at $59.99 a month, a significantly lower cost than our Basic Package but with an equal quality of service. We are eager to help you but understand that at times life circumstances can be financially challenging or make it difficult to find the right one, we want to remain cognizant of these aspects while providing you with our specialized services.

Once you have signed up, your Matchmaker will call you and schedule a Consult Call. Your Matchmaker and you will discuss several items, these items will range from details about who you are, your lifestyle, hobbies, beliefs, personality, and what you are seeking in a potential spouse.

Consultation Call

In your Consult Call, your personal Matchmaker will take the time to get to know you and understand what you are seeking so that they can prepare your Beyond Chai Profile.

We understand that you may want to discuss this next step with important people in your life such as your children or other family members, if you prefer, we would be more than happy to accommodate them into our consultation call.


Safe Space

If you’re coming out of a divorce or mourning the loss of a spouse, it’s important to make sure you are emotionally ready to begin a new relationship, for this reason, we offer Coaching Services.

As part of your Companionship Package, we offer a complimentary coaching session in the first month of your services. This coaching session can help you navigate and explore your thoughts regarding your search for a spouse and further prepare you for this next exciting step in your journey.

As part of the Companionship Package you will receive:

3-5 matches over a 12 month period
45-minute consult call
30-minute coaching session
Assistance with creating your online profile
Weekly check-ins with your personal Matchmaker

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