Tried Everything Before BeyondChai – Areej

I feel like I've tried so many different avenues when it comes to looking for the right match for me - numerous online dating sites, introductions through parents and family/friends, ISNA speed dating events, auntie matchmakers, etc. - and the one thing that I always felt was that no one was really tailoring the matches based on my personality, preferences, and personal circumstances. When my friend first told me about Beyond Chai, I was thrilled to hear that someone who was raised in the same environment and who understood the culture I was raised in would be talking to me personally and helping select people for me to talk to. So far, the matchmakers at Beyond Chai have been nothing but caring and sensitive to my needs and wants. Not only do they try their best to find the right people for me to talk to, but they offer great advice even when I'm not talking to anyone or if I just need someone to tell me if my approach to finding the right person is correct or not. I'm so grateful that a service like this exists because it is really hard these days for Muslims trying to get married.
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