I joined BeyondChai and then realized that I was to overwhelmed with medical school and residency and so maybe I was not ready to meet someone for marriage at that time. I took a few months off and then re-joined Beyond Chai because I liked that there was a system of screening profiles for the things that mattered most to me. My family members were inundating me with profiles that had been circulated by aunties and I was exhausted and confused.

My matchmaker, Afsoon took the time to ask me the right questions and got to know me. We had a good relationship and we communicated back and forth about what was working with certain profiles and what didn’t work. Afsoon actually advised me when she thought a match was good for me – in one instance she actually told me that a match was good for me even though I had differed- she really convinced me to talk to the candidate and told me that she really believed that this would be a good match. She was right and things are going extremely well.

I really valued the tailored approach and the thought my matchmaker had put into proposing matches. I would recommend Beyond Chai for people looking to find a spouse.