Nonjudgmental Matchmakers -Henna!

Finding the perfect match, or "the one", isn't as simple as it sounds which is why it was easier to just leave it to the experts. I appreciate how much thought they put in to showing me matches who truly fit the description I gave them at the start of this journey and have altered along the way. They aren't here to judge you for what you're looking for in a partner, they just care to see two people happy. In addition though, this team has been a shoulder to lean on when things haven't exactly worked out or came very close to working out and then went south. That can be a hard thing to cope with and the team was there to do damage control right when I needed it the most. I've always like that this is a group of young individuals who network a lot to expand their candidate pool, and it's nice that if I come across someone on social media they're open to looking in to it on my behalf. The wait or extensive periods of time when I won't hear from the team can be frustrating, but in the end I know it's not because they forgot about me, it's just because they're doing their job.
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