maharaja chai

  • When was the last time you invested in yourself?! Hire your own personal matchmaker that will become your personal advocate!
  • A 90 minute consultation call with our matchmaker with keen and comprehensive approach to better understand what moves you as a person and what qualities you are looking for in a spouse.
  • In addition to the Samurai package and finding 6 to 9 highly qualified matches*, Your exclusive matchmaker will be ready to talk to you based on your schedule to get to know and understand exactly what you are looking for.
  • Matchmakers will recreate your profile to capture your personality accurately.
  • Frequent face-time conversations with your matchmaker.
  • Special session with one of our image consultants upon request.
  • Your matchmaker will perform up to 3 reference checks during the courtship process
  • One Pre-Marital counseling included with one of our certified counselors*
* = Our matchmakers will propose a number of introductions and profiles. An introduction becomes a match when you and other candidate are interested and decide to move forward based on mutual interest. For additional details see our FAQ section. For counseling, see "our team" page for list of counselors. Minimum membership of 6 months is required.
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