Diverse Expereince – Sumayah

Beyond Chai surpasses all the stereotypes of meeting someone the non-traditional way. It’s not online dating. Actually, it wasn’t any form of dating. It went back to the simple halal act of a community member connecting me to other people that fit MY parameters of marriage- not my parents, not the aunts and uncles in my community, but my very own standards for a mate. Sure, I was skeptical of the process, but I took comfort in the fact that Saman was an active member in the Muslim community outside of Beyond Chai. Knowing that she was involved with MYNA (Muslim Youth of North America) among other pro-Muslim organizations, gave me the understanding that she was diverse in her experience with people. She used her experience to prepare me and lead me to my fiancé. Alhumdullilah, I was able to find the other half of my Deen because Saman and her expert team took the wheel while I sat in the back seat tending to the many other moving pieces of my life. JazakAllah, Saman!
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