Building Persona / Profile Photos – Fatima

Working with Sadia at BeyondChai has been an awesome experience. As a matchmaker, she goes above and beyond to take the time and effort to understand what I want and make sure I get quality matches. In particular, Sadia felt that I could benefit from having an updated set of pictures for my profile. Instead of just suggesting that I submit new pictures to her, Sadia offered to meet up with me to actually take the pictures (we're in the same geographical area). In addition, she helped throughout the entire process advising what hairstyles would work best, as well as outfit choices and accessories. During the photo-shoot she gave me pointers on the best ways to stand to properly to display my clothes, how to avoid shadows, and what poses are most flattering. Not only did they help with these photos, but they're also tips that can help in the future when I'm having pictures taken. I can't imagine anyone doing more, or going further out of their way to invest in their client than Sadia has done. I'm very appreciative and grateful for her efforts.
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