maharaja chai

  • Investing in yourself is one of THE most important gift you can give yourself. This isn’t necessarily a new concept. We spend countless time and resources in our education, our physical appearance, or our careers. But somehow with the combining factors of culture, the internet era, and perhaps a false sense of reality from friends and family, we drop the ball when it comes to spousal search.
  • Hire your own personal matchmaker that will become your personal advocate. The matchmaker will get to know you comprehensively during a 90 minute consultation call and recapture your profile that exhibits qualities of a good marriage partner.
  • The matchmaker will propose anywhere from 5 to 10 matches over a 12 month period. You will have frequent touch points with the matchmaker to apprise you of the efforts. Other benefits include special session with one of our image consultants, pre-marital counseling with one of our certified counselors, and social proofing for additional vetting by contacting either their friends, family, and or others in their respective community.
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