Invest in yourself – Saba from Texas!

I haven't been using BeyondChai long, but so far the experience has met my expectations. I'm pretty busy with work so it's been great knowing someone else is "doing the work" when I don't have time to. I used a couple of websites before BeyondChai and some of my potential matches have been people I came across on those websites as well - so I know BeyondChai's pool is covering those pools as well. However, I think the BeyondChai model is preferable - they spend the time filtering through people so you don't have to and the model makes you give each potential match due consideration and articulate reasons for rejecting them. With websites, you can just keep scrolling through profiles trying to find someone "better." Actually, the person I am talking to now expressed interest on a website almost 2 years ago and I can't recall why I didn't pursue things further at the time. Because with BeyondChai you consider each match one at a time, I decided to pursue things with this potential match and see where it goes -- and things are going well so far.
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