Success Stories

Approachable and effective service
Finding a life partner is no easy task. It can be daunting especially if you are without your family in the States. That coupled with the fact when you are not in the traditional desi centres..NY, LA, Chicago , Houston you are at a significant disadvantage in meeting people who share the same educational status and vision. The people who you do meet ..a majority of the people don’t want to leave these social bubbles ..nor are willing to take a chance to step out their comfort zone . That’s where word of mouth or traditional aunties come in and ofcourse the quality of people one talks to is subpar. I was told about beyond chai by a close friend of mine and on paper it seemed to be exactly the type of service I was looking for .. and I was not disappointed  .The day I signed up match maker Saman got in touch with me . She patiently listened to what I was looking for in a life partner . She was approachable and was able to communicate very effectively with me. She answered difficult questions by me and was always available to talk. I felt I had some body to talk during this process and I could talk openly with her about any concerns I had without any fear of judgment. Beyond chai did a great job and I would recommend this strongly service for people who are seriously interested in getting married.
Shaping the marriage journey
I was lucky to be paired with Nadia as my matchmaker. She took time out to know me as a person and what I was looking for in terms of finding a spouse. Not only did she understand my needs but also went the extra mile to ensure compatibility with the person she would introduce me too. I found her advices very useful throughout the process. They were unbiased, practical opinions that helped me shape this journey. Alhadmulillah I completed half of my deep through this forum and I attribute a lot of it to Nadia's very wise judgment and guidance. I would recommend her to all of my single friends who are pursuing this journey. Thank you Nadia, may Allah bless you and your family with the best in this world and hereafter. Once again thank you BeyondChai team for making this happen for us
Professional & Timely Support
I really enjoyed working with Sadia. I especially appreciated that she was very professional and so timely in her feedback/responses. A great listener as well and really helped me navigate through the complicated process. I felt that Sadia really took the time to understand me and what I was looking for. She also made the extra effort to help me present my best self. It was a pleasure to work with her.
Instilling Confidence
I had the pleasure of working with Saima for a number of consulting sessions and I cannot recommend her enough! She is highly intelligent, very kind and caring, and seriously invested in her clients' success. In the beginning, I did not think I needed Image Consulting services because I am a professional woman who is highly visible and always gets compliments on my appearance. Was I wrong! Saima goes way beyond physical appearance to help her clients understand the energy they are emitting through conscious and unconscious beliefs and thought patterns. Though I am confident and capable in the work that I do, I found that I was doubting my success in finding a compatible partner who could meet me on every level-- intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical. Saima helped me to see that my doubts and fears were the real blocks to attracting the husband Allah has for me. She focused on helping me attain certainty that there was such a person for me so that my actions would then mirror my thoughts and beliefs. I would no longer come off as uninterested, timid, or intimidating to men but would shine as my true self. I am so very grateful to Saima for her sage wisdom and advice and her personal commitment to my success. I recommend her services to any women or men who are serious about finding the soulmates Allah has intended for them.
Tailored matchmaking service
My matchmaker, Aasia, was very helpful in trying to find me a suitable match. In my first conversation with her, she made me feel like the process was geared towards my personality and the type of person I was looking for in a potential spouse. After a few months of my membership with BeyondChai, Aasia contacted me with a potential match. Things worked out well Alhamdullilah and we recently got engaged. Many thanks to the BeyondChai team for all their efforts.
Phenomenal Service – Amar
I was truly impressed with the matchmaking service from Sadia at Beyond Chai. During our first consultation call she mentioned that we were a "team". While initially I did not understand exactly what that meant, over the course of my membership I was able to see how much she advocated and supported me. Whether it was talking to families on my behalf, being available for calls at short notice, providing feedback and guidance for questions, and checking in to inform me how matches are progressing, she always went above & beyond. I got the sense that she wasn't just doing the job for the sake of the job, but that she genuinely cared about my experience through this process and ensured that my matches are progressing in the best way possible. This experience definitely would not have been the same without her, and I sincerely appreciate all the support and guidance! This type of personal service definitely sets Beyond Chai apart from other matrimonial services.
Personalized Recommendations!
I had the pleasure of connecting with Saima through BeyondChai. I had never spoken with an image consultant before and had no idea what to expect. I highly recommend this service to anyone in the process of searching for a spouse because she will help you to understand how to show up as your brightest and best self. She was absolutely a joy to speak to – she makes you feel at ease, is a great listener, and it’s clear that she really cares about helping you. We spoke about the colors that bring out my features, how to communicate effectively with people, and how to allow my best self to shine through. Saima also sends personalized recommendations to you after the consultation. The process is so organized and efficient. After speaking with Saima, I feel more positive and confident that I can show up fully when meeting potential matches. A consultation with Saima is truly worth it!
Try BChai with Confidence!
My one piece of advise if you feel hesitant about match-making services is to at least try Beyond Chai and talk with one of their consultants. I can understand the hesitation since other match-making avenues may not have been a good experience in the past, perhaps through other websites or through family and friends. I worked with Aasia; she is very thoughtful and made me feel at ease. I don’t know how she did it, but the first person she introduced me to was it for me! It feels like I’ve found my best friend and partner in life, and we are planning to get married next spring, iA. I am so thankful to have had this experience and recommend BC with full confidence.
Positive outlook!
I was fortunate enough to get a complimentary session with Saima as a BeyondChai member. I didn't know what to expect during that phone call but from the moment we started talking, I felt as though I was talking to an older sister and not just an image consultant on a mission. Saima's positive outlook and genuine interest in learning about me and my life in an effort to help me improve myself instantly put me at ease. She's been through this process herself and is dedicated to helping others to the best of her abilities. We discussed a variety of topics - behavior/mannerisms, make-up, fashion, self-esteem and remaining positive throughout the arduous process of finding a spouse. Moreover, I didn't feel rushed at all and felt like I was a priority to Saima. After our lengthy conversation, Saima typed up a summary for me which was extremely thoughtful and professional of her and goes to show how much she is vested in her clients' success! Saima is a great addition to the BeyondChai team and I believe her experience and skills will help her clients' and result in more successful matches and marriages, inshaAllah!
Highly Valuable Image Consulting Service
I highly recommend talking to Saima for an image consultation, which includes discussions regarding appearance, behavior and communication. Saima is a very caring and highly intelligent person. I feel like she understands people and really just gets life and our culture and marriage and relationship-building. I felt like I was talking to a friend. And I admire that Saima can give you highly valuable advice, be a very good listener, and yet be compassionate and understanding. That is a valuable skill set to have. I am very glad and satisfied that I talked to her and recommend her services to anyone else, regardless of whatever his or her unique situation is.
Coaching through empathy!
The coaching from Beyond Chai helps to open your mind to other options and focus on addressing your weaknesses. My coach knows where I am coming from because she has had similar experiences and she understands what someone with my background has to go through.
Feeling optimistic about marraige process!
The relationship coaching process is intriguing, it made me feel guided and relaxed about the marriage process. I feel like I have a much better sense of what to expect from this experience. I felt at ease, like I was talking to a friend or experienced mentor. And feel optimistic moving forward inshAllah!
Level setting!
My coach opened our coaching with humor and set the tone right away that she was coming from a non-judgement point of view. She listened and made me feel understood. I think this service is amazing. I do not know any other matchmaking company that offers this and it sets them apart from the rest.
Seeking guidance from the experienced!
It is important to be able to get guidance and learn from the experiences of others who have been in my shoes (i.e. who have gone through the process of independently searching for a spouse), and who have found success in marriage. I am open to coaching because I know there is a lot that I can learn about how to best present myself, about how to focus on what's important in a spouse, and about how to get to know someone for the purpose of marriage.
Action-oriented recommendations
Overall, I benefited a great deal from my consult with Saima! Saima is thoughtful, encouraging, and gifted. Her action-oriented recommendations helped to bring out the best in me!
Coaching a need in our community!
Relationship coaching offered through Beyond Chai is interesting and a great opportunity. I think people are immature and relationship coaching is a needed skill! Wow Beyond Chai for recognizing the need in our community.
Success Through Image Consulting
I never really knew what an image consultant was and how they could be beneficial until I met Saima. She has a great eye, strong interpersonal skills, responds quickly and provides feedback on all aspects of image building yet ensures you retain being your authentic self. She is very professional and prompt. She first conducts a survey to understand her clients, then focuses on areas where she sees gaps or areas they need support. I learned a lot from her including what colors bring out my features, types of clothes I should wear, and make-up tips that work for my face. She supported me during a shopping spree in selecting a wardrobe too! Her uplifting attitude and her emphasis on positive thinking will help all aspects of your life! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an external/internal image do-over! She changed my internal thought process and increased my confidence!
Comprehensive – Janaan Esq.
BeyondChai has a very comprehensive program. The team has definitely thought it through, identified the key components and brought in all the key players to lead toward a successful marriage.
I have two words to describe Sadia –she’s personable and efficient. This is a tough process to go through and without having the right support, it would become ever harder. Sadia is so quick to respond, which I really appreciate! She keeps my preferences in mind and I really appreciate that. There is no force or judgement. Thank you Sadia for being such an awesome partner!
Match based on personality traits -Fraz!
I want to thank the Beyond Chai team for helping me find my wife. They did an excellent job of finding a match for me based on personality traits and compatibility. I would highly recommend Beyond Chai to anyone out there looking for a spouse.
Spreading the word- Maryem from Canada!
I had the pleasure of being connected with Saman from DC who has been an absolute darling. Beyond Chai team has something unique, and I appreciated the personal connection and the effort the team put in for this delicate aspect. I told my American friends about your organization, and how your service is unique.
Handpicked matches – Ahmed from Georgia!
Beyondchai saves time from screening incomplete and incompatible profiles. A pre-screened match, picked by responsible matchmakers, gives you a head start in establishing communication with your prospective match.
Highly recommended matchmaking service!
Saman has been very caring and eager to help through the Beyondchai company. She took the sincere interest to get to know me, understand me, and help me seek out a partner that will be compatible with my personality. Beyondchai is an exceptional program, where many individuals, like Saman, have connections to Muslim families throughout the country and are able to help Muslims who are single complete half their Deen by finding their lifetime companion. This is a tremendous task, and I'm grateful that Beyondchai has taken up this endeavor in a much needed time MashaAllah. Highly recommend the Beyondchai Matrimonial Program!
Building Persona / Profile Photos – Fatima
Working with Sadia at BeyondChai has been an awesome experience. As a matchmaker, she goes above and beyond to take the time and effort to understand what I want and make sure I get quality matches. In particular, Sadia felt that I could benefit from having an updated set of pictures for my profile. Instead of just suggesting that I submit new pictures to her, Sadia offered to meet up with me to actually take the pictures (we're in the same geographical area). In addition, she helped throughout the entire process advising what hairstyles would work best, as well as outfit choices and accessories. During the photo-shoot she gave me pointers on the best ways to stand to properly to display my clothes, how to avoid shadows, and what poses are most flattering. Not only did they help with these photos, but they're also tips that can help in the future when I'm having pictures taken. I can't imagine anyone doing more, or going further out of their way to invest in their client than Sadia has done. I'm very appreciative and grateful for her efforts.
Unique & tailored service – Zaki!
I cannot speak highly enough about Beyond Chai. The service that they provide is simply unique and unlike anything else that I have come across in North America. They seek out quality candidates that are compatible for each individual, and vet and validate to ensure that each match is a fit for a specific person. I personally have worked with Afsoon from Beyond Chai, and she is kind hearted, patient, caring, and has worked tirelessly to find the best possible matches. She has become both a mentor and a friend, and has simply been an amazing guide along this journey.
Loving the process – Anonymous!
I am very satisfied with the services provided by Beyond Chai. I love the process they use to get to know the individual and what a person's requirements might be in terms of finding the right match. The team sends matches based on preferences of the individuals. I love that candidates can reach out to the team easily whenever they want to. Keep up the good work."
Detailed & thorough – Mahwish!
My first consultation over the phone with Saman was really thorough. I felt like she asked a lot of detailed and important questions about me and my preferences in a partner. Since that conversation she has sent me some guys, unfortunately, most of them weren't under the specifications my parents and I desired. Rest assured, I know she's working hard to find me a suitable match.
Delivering matches with patience – Zareem!
Khadija, my matchmaker, has been amazingly supportive throughout the entire process from day one. Since I have joined, I never once felt like I was being judged for rejecting a profile, or pressured into accepting one. She completely understands and values all of my specific preferences for a potential husband, and even emails me for approval on certain qualities prior to sending me the profile. I also get updates whenever she is working out a potential match for me. It has been very comfortable working with Khadija, she remains professional, and also very personable with each encounter. She and I can easily share and discuss any opinions on a match just as I would with a friend. It definitely isn't an easy task to find matches, especially dealing with a very picky person. Yet, Khadija continues to deliver with her patience, I trust her as my matchmaker while the search still continues.
Words of Advice – Ali from Canada!
Saman has been understanding and helpful throughout the process so far. Not only has she tried to introduce me to good matches according to my ideas, I've also relied on her advice and counsel. She has been a friend through out this very confusing process of match making.
Invest in yourself – Saba from Texas!
I haven't been using BeyondChai long, but so far the experience has met my expectations. I'm pretty busy with work so it's been great knowing someone else is "doing the work" when I don't have time to. I used a couple of websites before BeyondChai and some of my potential matches have been people I came across on those websites as well - so I know BeyondChai's pool is covering those pools as well. However, I think the BeyondChai model is preferable - they spend the time filtering through people so you don't have to and the model makes you give each potential match due consideration and articulate reasons for rejecting them. With websites, you can just keep scrolling through profiles trying to find someone "better." Actually, the person I am talking to now expressed interest on a website almost 2 years ago and I can't recall why I didn't pursue things further at the time. Because with BeyondChai you consider each match one at a time, I decided to pursue things with this potential match and see where it goes -- and things are going well so far.
Tailored and Unique Perspective – Neela
My first conversation with my matchmaker, Afsoon, made the process feel like it was tailored to my personality and what I was looking for in a spouse. The process was not simply being sent matches but a dialogue of what I’m looking for and what would be best for me. My matchmaker provided genuine and honest advice was so important in providing new perspectives and helping me out along the way.
I trusted Afsoon’s judgement when she came to me with a match that she said she found through a personal network and vouched on behalf of the match, easing my nerves immediately. With my nikkah coming up in the next week, I truly feel lucky to have worked with someone who was looking out for my best interest. She reassured me that when I finally find the one, the whole process would be worth it and Alhumdullilah, she was right!
Integrity & Professionalism – Dr. Salma Abugideiri
The matchmakers at Beyond Chai are passionate about helping people find the right match. Recognizing the challenges faced by many singles seeking marriage, Beyond Chai offers services to ease these challenges in a manner that reflect the organization's commitment to integrity and professionalism - Dr. Salma Elkadi Abugideiri  (Licensed Professional Counselor)
Getting Engaged Soon – Hira!
I first found out about BeyondChai from some family members. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the idea of someone else findings matches based on my preferences was appealing. So I signed up and wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised at how dedicated my matchmaker Afsoon was. She emphasized quality of matches over quantity which was nice to hear, and she was incredibly patient with me as my residency made my schedule hectic. When I was ready, I decided to pursue one of her suggestions, and it worked out great alhumdulillah! We're getting engaged soon, and it's all thanks to Allah sending Afsoon my way. Many thanks to the BeyondChai team!
Avoiding Nonsense & Fake Profiles – Samia
As a woman in my late thirties, I found it difficult to find quality matches on dating websites or make meaningful connections at singles events. Beyond Chai is a fantastic matchmaking service for Muslims. They spoke with me and took a sincere interest in getting to know my personality and my preferences. They worked diligently to find matches that would suit me and were always open to any kind of feedback. Beyond Chai is a particularly great service for people who don't have time for the nonsense that comes along with fake profiles and dishonest people online. They deal only with people who are serious about getting married. It took a lot of stress off of my shoulders to know that somebody was thinking about my best interests and preferences and producing possible matches for me so that I did not have to do the search alone. I highly recommend this site two men and women alike - Samia!
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