As you begin your journey and or steps away from tying the knot, it is important that you seek premarital counseling; There are many benefits to premarital counseling. Having an objective third party can help identify any red flags that you may have missed, or simply help you feel more confident about your decision to get married.

Premarital counseling offers a safe space for couples to explore sensitive issues and to learn new skills that can be applied throughout the marriage journey. Couples can explore important conditions to include in a marriage contract, commitment issues, or anxiety of being vulnerable.

People who have been in previous long-terms relationships before, including previous marriages, should also consider counseling as a way to make sure old issues are not carried into the new relationship. In essence, premarital counseling is simply a tool to help couples prepare for the next major step in their lives.

According to recent study of divorce trends among American Muslims published by ISPU, almost all of the divorced people interviewed said that they wished they had more premarital counseling.

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  • Beyond Chai offers tailor services in this important journey. Our certified family therapists, bound by confidentiality, will work with you to understand your needs, engage you, provide guidance, identify potential issues and red flags, help you overcome anxiety and fear related to marriage.

  • It's important that you come prepared for the sessions, think through of sensitive topics that discomfort you. Avoid thinking the sessions as simply a check box activity. These sessions are learning opportunity to begin a marriage in best possible manner. We recommend that each couple go through 3 sessions in total - 1 individual session with each of the partners and 1 joint session.

  • The individual sessions allows you to discuss topics imperative to you while the joint session allows the coach to surface specific topics that you or your fiancee may not be comfortable bringing up in a joint session but are necessary to be addressed. While it is normal to have different perspectives going into marriage, the coach will provide you opportunities to level set each others perspective and resolve any differences before they become a major point of contention.

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