Delivering matches with patience – Zareem!

Khadija, my matchmaker, has been amazingly supportive throughout the entire process from day one. Since I have joined, I never once felt like I was being judged for rejecting a profile, or pressured into accepting one. She completely understands and values all of my specific preferences for a potential husband, and even emails me for approval on certain qualities prior to sending me the profile. I also get updates whenever she is working out a potential match for me. It has been very comfortable working with Khadija, she remains professional, and also very personable with each encounter. She and I can easily share and discuss any opinions on a match just as I would with a friend. It definitely isn't an easy task to find matches, especially dealing with a very picky person. Yet, Khadija continues to deliver with her patience, I trust her as my matchmaker while the search still continues.
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