Relationship Coaching illuminate new possibilities in your spousal search

Matchmaking is compelling and important construct in the Muslim marriage process. The spousal search journey is similar to a high thrilled roller-coaster ride. There are many ups and downs. In all honestly, there’s no science to this process. The process in itself can be daunting, overwhelming and exhausting.

Numerous studies show that intimate relationships, such as marriages, are the single most important source of life satisfaction. Although most couples enter these relationships with the best of intentions, many break up or stay together but languish. Yet some do stay happily married and thrive. What is their secret?

The journey starts with exploring who you are and your core strengths even before you start swiping left and right! The key to successful marriage is making sure that you and your spouse are aligned on goals, and values.

Our certified Relationship Coaches will employ Positive Psychology to identify and build on the client’s strengths and seek to engender hope and happiness during matching process.

People often have the invigorating “aha” experience of finding words for experiences they could never name until learning their strength!

The coaches will nurture positive emotions which will broaden your thinking and enable you to connect more closely with others. It’s important to have upbeat outlook during this process, as it enables you to see the big picture and avoid getting hung up on small annoyances. This wide-angle view often brings to light new possibilities and offers solutions to what you may perceive as difficult problem, positioning you to better handle adversity in relationship and others parts of life.

They’ll encourage you to shift your thinking that will help you embrace fresh perspectives while challenging cultural baggage and blind spots to illuminate new possibilities and alternative scenarios – a key ingredient in being hopeful. Remember, often the difference between despair and success is a little shift in perspective that alters your entire life. To get started, select from one of the 3 packages.

Get Started by selecting a desired package

  • Kashmiri Duo Package: This package is designed to help you benefit from best of both the Mate coaching and Kashmiri matchmaking packages. As part of this package, the coach and the matchmaker will spend 30 minutes each to get to know you, help you understand your core strengths, and how you can amplify your spousal search process while shaping your perspective by aligning your personal and marriage goals. At the end of the session the coach will provide written evaluation. The matchmaker will propose and match you up with high-quality and pre-screened candidates.
  • Mate Coaching: The package entails an hour long coaching sessions per month, with a written evaluation of each coaching session. Over the course of your membership, our coaches will work with you every step of the way to help you be successful in your pursuit for marriage and maintaining relationships. The coaches will help you learn new skills, align personal and marriage goals, discern between what you need vs. what you want, help you identify your core strengths and values that you will be able to offer to your spouse.
  • Masala Coaching: The package entails two one hour long sessions per month, a written evaluation, 2 interactive assignments to better assess your strengths with a detailed evaluation. The cost of this package is $159.95 per month. This is a 6 month subscription with option to cancel anytime.
  • Maharaja Coaching: The package entails 4 one hour long sessions per month , a weekly evaluation, unlimited email questions for your coach. Three personality and strengths test with notated evaluations. This is a 12 month subscription with option to cancel anytime

Here's how we have empowered many Clients.

Sounds interesting and a great opportunity. I think people are immature and relationship coaching is a needed skill! Wow Beyond Chai for recognizing the need in our community.
The coaching process is intriguing, it made me feel guided and relaxed about the marriage process. I feel like I have a much better sense of what to expect from this experience. I felt at ease, like I was talking to a friend or experienced mentor. And feel optimistic moving forward inshAllah!
My coach opened our coaching with humor and set the tone right away that she was coming from a non-judgement point of view. She listened and made me feel understood. I think this service is amazing. I do not know any other matchmaking company that offers this and it sets them apart from the rest.
It is important to be able to get guidance and learn from the experiences of others who have been in my shoes (i.e. who have gone through the process of independently searching for a spouse), and who have found success in marriage. I am open to coaching because I know there is a lot that I can learn about how to best present myself, about how to focus on what's important in a spouse, and about how to get to know someone for the purpose of marriage.

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