• We understand the difficulties Muslims face during their journey to find a spouse. The marriage process can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. Many of the options available such as, matrimonial websites, apps, inquiring about matches from different family members, and matrimonial events can be frustrating and unsuccessful.
  • Finding suitable matches through online sites and apps has become a gaming process with everyone swiping left and right. What may appear to be cost-effective solution, the process in itself is time consuming and profiles are generally misrepresented leading to incompatible matches.
  • At BeyondChai, we work as both a relationship coach and a matchmaker. We are conducting a search on YOUR behalf. The secret to our success lies in our comprehensive approach. Beyond Chai takes the overwhelming nature of the search for a spouse and makes it easy for you. We are constantly building our networks and teaming up with different organizations so that we are always searching for the ideal match for you. We attend different matrimonial events, have dedicated matchmakers on many different social media sites, and have an extensive matchmaking network all over the US and Canada that introduces us to Muslims from their respective communities. Rest assured, your privacy is never compromised.