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Profile survey

Please complete the religiosity survey below

Q1. I am knowledgeable about marriage
Q2. I have attended lectures / read books as it releates to marriage
Q3. I rely on family and friends to help make decisions?
Q4. I am comfortable trying new things
Q5. Traditions are important to me
Q6. I make spontaneous decisions
Q7. I am more logical than emotional
Q8. I am very involved in my community/Mosque
Q9. I am comfortable not knowing all the answers
Q10. I am comfortable going on blind dates
Q11. Even when things are going poorly, I believe they will eventually get better
Q12. I prefer chemistry over demographics (Age, location, education, ethncity)
Q13. My parents approval of choice of marriage partner is important to me
Q14. I have many close friends of the opposite gender
Q15. I would only enter a relationship if marriage is realistic outcome
Q16. I have a strong sense of commitment to Muslim community
Q17. I prefer someone with similar political background
Q18. I prefer someone from same ethnic background
Q19. I am comfortable giving others a second chance
Q20. How do you see yourself?

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