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Acting Activism Al-Maghrib Android games Archery Arts and craft ASL interpreting Al-Maghrib Badminton Baking Ballet Baseball Basketball Bayyinnah BBQ Bike riding Billiards Birds Board games Bowling Boxing CAIR Calligraphy Camping Card games Cats Center for Muslim Life Cooking Cricket Crosswords Dogs Drawing Exercising indoor Exercising outdoor Fashion Film making Fish Fishing Football Frisbee Gardening Global Deaf Muslims Golfing Hiking Horseback riding Ice skating Investing IOS games Kayaking outdoor Kayaking sport Languages Lectures Meditation MMA MSA Muhsen Nutrition Origami Paintball Photography Picnics Podcasts Poetry Puzzles Reading Rock climbing Roller skating Rugby Running outdoor Running sport Scrapbooking Sign language Skateboarding Skiing Skydiving Snowboarding Squah Sudoku Surfing Tennis Traveling Volleyball Volunteering Walking Watching movies Wrestling Writing Yoga Zaytuna Other


Asian African American East Indian Latino/Hispanic Native American Pacific Islander White/Caucasian Arabs Pakistani African French Spanish Russian Australian Canadian Mexican Other Bangladeshi Indian


Accountant Acting Actor Administration Advertising Air Architect Artist Audiologist Banker Beautician Biologist Botanist Chartered Civil Clerical Commercial Company Computer Construction Consultant Contractor Cost Creative Customer Military Nurse Odd Online Other Pharmacist Physicist Physiotherapist Pilot Politician Professor Psychologist Public Real Research Retired Sales Scientist Self Social Software Sports Student Teacher Technician Telecommunications Training Veterinary Volunteer Writer Zoologist Other


English Farsi Urdu Arabic Persian Turkish Kurdish Armenian Other Afrikaans Albanian Amharic Assamese Awadhi Aymara Azerbaijani Balinese Baluchi Bambara Bengali Berber Bhojpuri Bikol Bosnian Buginese Bulgarian Burmese Byelorussian Cantonese Catalan Cebuano Dzech Danish Dari Dinka Dogri Dutch Dyula Ewe Finnish Gallegan Ganda Georgian German Gondi Greek Guarani Gujrati Hausa Hebrew Hiligaynon Hindi Hindko Hungarian Igbo Iloko Indonesian Iranian Italian Japanese Javanese Kabyle Kamba Kannada Kanuri Kapampangan Kashmiri Kazakh Khmer Kikuyu Kinyarwanda Kirghiz Kongo Konkani Korean Kurujh Lao Latvian Lingala Lithuanian Macedonian Maithili Malagasy Malay Malayalam Madarin Manipuri Marathi Marwari Minangkabau Mongolian Mossi Nepali Northern Norwegian Nyanja Oriya Oromo Polish Portugese Punjabi Pashto Other
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