Phenomenal Service – Amar

I was truly impressed with the matchmaking service from Sadia at Beyond Chai. During our first consultation call she mentioned that we were a "team". While initially I did not understand exactly what that meant, over the course of my membership I was able to see how much she advocated and supported me. Whether it was talking to families on my behalf, being available for calls at short notice, providing feedback and guidance for questions, and checking in to inform me how matches are progressing, she always went above & beyond. I got the sense that she wasn't just doing the job for the sake of the job, but that she genuinely cared about my experience through this process and ensured that my matches are progressing in the best way possible. This experience definitely would not have been the same without her, and I sincerely appreciate all the support and guidance! This type of personal service definitely sets Beyond Chai apart from other matrimonial services.
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