How it Works

Our Purpose

  • We understand the difficulties Muslims face during their journey to find a spouse. The marriage process can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. Many of the options available such as, matrimonial websites, apps, inquiring about matches from different family members, and matrimonial events can be frustrating and unsuccessful.
  • Finding suitable matches through online sites and apps has become a gaming process with everyone swiping left and right. What may appear to be cost-effective solution, the process in itself is time consuming and profiles are generally misrepresented leading to incompatible matches.
  • At BeyondChai, we work as both a relationship coach and a matchmaker. We are conducting a search on YOUR behalf. The secret to our success lies in our comprehensive approach. Beyond Chai takes the overwhelming nature of the search for a spouse and makes it easy for you. We are constantly building our networks and teaming up with different organizations so that we are always searching for the ideal match for you. We attend different matrimonial events, have dedicated matchmakers on many different social media sites, and have an extensive matchmaking network all over the US and Canada that introduces us to Muslims from their respective communities. Rest assured, your privacy is never compromised.

Vetted Process

  • With the focus on quality, our proposed matches are 87% more matchable than the online profiles you find on various websites. We make a conscious effort to verify candidates. We get on the phone and talk to prospects to make sure they say who they are and gauge their interest before introducing them to our clients. We also employ a flagging system so we can avoid proposing unfit candidates.

All well and good BUT what does your success look like?

  • Great question, and we have an even better answer - our success rate is 96% for clients that have averaged their membership from anywhere from 6 to 9 months.
  • While our process is proven and effective, we want you to come in with an open heart and mind. Trust our process and the matchmakers – after all they know a thing or two about matching!
  • Unfortunately, finding the right spouse is not an overnight process. This process is hard and very much like a high thrill rollercoaster with plenty of ups and downs. It’s important for the downs to not let you get discouraged because when the “ups” come around, it makes the entire process worthwhile.
  • Much like anything meaningful in life, finding a spouse comes with hard work and patience. It is a constant flow of communication between you and your matchmaker as they get to know you, and you in turn, get to know them. A lot of times, your relationship with your matchmaker will grow and evolve so that through exploration and discussion, you may come to find that what you thought you wanted in a spouse, wasn’t quite what you needed.
  • Take for example a recent success story, where one of our clients Nilab (name changed for privacy purposes) thought she wanted a man who was more of the “take charge” personality. Someone who was a leader and decisive. The problem however was that she was also very similar to that personality type and her past experiences revealed to her matchmaker that she often butted heads with such a personality. In the end, Nilab stayed open minded to a match her matchmaker suggested who was much more patient and calmer than she was used to. Although at first she was hesitant, by the third conversation, they were discussing meeting each other’s parents and within a few months, completed their nikkah in a very happy union. Through countless examples, we have learned that there is a happy ending waiting for anyone, but it is important not to expect to sign up and have results immediately, especially without an open mind and heart. This is a service that helps you find a partner to complete half your deen, and something that needs to be invested in.

Keeping it Halaal?

  • Well, we wouldn’t advocate anything otherwise. We propose prospects to our clients and encourage involvement of family members (Wali) early on to keep the process objective.

Wait…there is more!

  • Coaching is an incredibly important aspect of our services and one that many clients have sought for its own merit, external to our matchmaking services. Many of our clients find it helpful to have a neutral third party involved in order to obtain honest feedback from the other person. This often eliminates a lot of guesswork involved in navigating early relationships. Although many of our clients also consult friends and family, they also find the advice of an experienced and dedicated matchmaker extremely helpful. The conversations with the matchmakers are very different from what you are used to during the matching phase. We have a defined framework that we have our clients go through in the coaching process.
  • Other scenarios might include someone who just needs to explore their feelings towards an individual. It’s quite common to get to know someone and have a few pleasant conversations, but then wonder how they know if this individual is “the one”? For those who are ready to take the next step forward, we also offer professional pre-marriage counseling from a licensed therapist.
  • We have clients that have found matches external to beyond chai but have joined our service exclusively for coaching purposes. We help our clients navigate through the complexities of asking the right set of questions and maintaining the focus on important issues. If clients are not convinced with a match then the clients can rely on a third party service like us to help remove the biases that may be imposed on them and pressured to move forward without reasoning.
  • In a nut-shell, the Beyond Chai team consists of professionals who use their experiences from their own marriages and constant on-going job training to provide a listening ear and counsel to those who seek it.
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