Instilling Confidence

I had the pleasure of working with Saima for a number of consulting sessions and I cannot recommend her enough! She is highly intelligent, very kind and caring, and seriously invested in her clients' success. In the beginning, I did not think I needed Image Consulting services because I am a professional woman who is highly visible and always gets compliments on my appearance. Was I wrong! Saima goes way beyond physical appearance to help her clients understand the energy they are emitting through conscious and unconscious beliefs and thought patterns. Though I am confident and capable in the work that I do, I found that I was doubting my success in finding a compatible partner who could meet me on every level-- intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical. Saima helped me to see that my doubts and fears were the real blocks to attracting the husband Allah has for me. She focused on helping me attain certainty that there was such a person for me so that my actions would then mirror my thoughts and beliefs. I would no longer come off as uninterested, timid, or intimidating to men but would shine as my true self. I am so very grateful to Saima for her sage wisdom and advice and her personal commitment to my success. I recommend her services to any women or men who are serious about finding the soulmates Allah has intended for them.
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