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Welcome to Beyond Chai!

We are so happy you’re a member 🙂



Thank you for signing up with Beyond Chai! We are thrilled to help you find a match InshaAllah! Please read the entire email as it requires you to take certain actions.

To start of with, we would like to share few things with you to help you better understand our approach and process. We would like to schedule a consultation call with you so that we can get to know you a little better and discuss what you are looking for in a potential spouse.

The way we work:

  1. Please reply back to this email with two times and dates that work for you. A team member will then confirm the time and have a consultation call to get to know you better.
  2. After the consultation call is completed, the matchmaker collects all the notes and criteria and starts a personalized search on your behalf! (BeyondChai does not have a database that members have access to instead we do the work for you!)
  3. Once we have a found a suitable match – your matchmaker will get in touch with you and share the information of the potential matches information.
  4. As a next step in the process, you have the option to connect and start communication with the proposed match. Alternatively, if you are not “feeling” the proposed matches, you may inform the matchmaker and provide specific feedback. (Please remember that your timely feedback and input is key to the matchmaking process. Delays in providing a timely feedback will only delay the process.) If you want to connect you have the option to start talking with the match – If you’re not feeling it then we continue searching.
  5. Once you start talking and find a match – depending on your feedback we can schedule a pre-marital counseling session with our team counselors. While you are in communication with the matches, we shift our focus to help you through the coaching process.

Please note:

Aside from matchmaking, we are also your coach and provide guidance and counseling. If you have questions, concerns, not sure how to handle certain situations, or unsure about proposed candidate then we ask that you let us know.

We will do our best to advise you and help you make sound decisions. We asks that you keep us involved to the extent of your comfort and contact us without any hesitation.

Help us Help You:

We would like for you to think of us as your personal marriage “concierge service.” Just like a hotel concierge we are available and can help you with marriage related items when you need us!

As your personal concierge we can reach out to people that you may be interested in, facilitate family conversations, coach you through the process once you start talking to a match, or set up counseling services with our team counselors!

We realize that you are busy with your commitments so we won’t check in with you unless you want us to! But you can email or call us at any point to discuss anything that you would like.

To immediately get this process started please reply back to this email with two times that work for you so we can start the process with our consultation call.

Looking forward to talking with you soon!


The BeyondChai Team asdfasdfsad