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We get it! It can be very challenging to find a suitable match!

We understand that it is incredibly time consuming and uncomfortable to embark on the journey of finding a spouse. Having the need to explore various options. Be it in the form of signing up for multiple websites, apps, inquiring about matches from different family members, communities, etc., or going to matrimonial events…overwhelming to say the least?!

Beyond Chai takes on the overwhelming nature of the search for a spouse and makes it easy for you. We attend matrimonial events, have dedicated matchmakers on many different social media sites, and have an extensive matchmaking network all over the US and Canada that introduces us to Muslims from their respective communities. Rest assured, your privacy is never compromised during this search process.

Much like anything meaningful in life, finding a spouse comes with hard work and patience. It is a constant flow of communication between you and your matchmaker as they get to know you, and you in turn, get to know them. A lot of times, your relationship with your matchmaker will grow and evolve so that through exploration and discussion, you may come to find that what you thought you wanted in a spouse, wasn’t quite what you needed.

Our success rate is 96% for clients that have averaged their membership from anywhere from 6 to 9 months;While our process is proven and effective, we want you to come in with an open heart and mind. Trust our process and the matchmakers – after all they know a thing or two about matching!

To get started, please register and select from one the below packages that suites you.

kashmiri chai – Recommended for Passive Users
  • We get it, not everyone wants to find love at the speed of light. We have designed this passive package for those that are serious about marriage but without the urgency. While matches are not guaranteed, your profile is curated to pair you up with one of our regularly paying clients. This allows you to benefit in many ways including being matched up with high quality and pre-screened candidates.
  • The matchmaker will consult with you for 30 minutes, understand what’s important to you, and curate your profile so that the matchmakers can consider you when matching up with their respective clients.
$ 99 ,95 /Year

mate chai - Starter Package
  • Finding quality matches online and on apps is rare and almost impossible without a serious time commitment. To unwind you from all of this, we have carefully designed an on-starter package at an affordable price.
  • Our matchmakers will do the ground work for you to find suitable matches so you can focus on things that are more important to you. The matchmaker will spend 45 minutes to get to know you during the consultation call and propose 3 to 5 matches over 12 month period; depending on the desired preference the clients may receive additional matches. We also offer coaching services – inclusive in all of our packages.
$ 79 ,95 /Month

masala chai - Our Most Preferred Package
  • Our Masala package is one of the most preferred and popular packages. It is perfectly designed for the busy working professionals. You will be paired up with one of our experienced matchmakers. Right off the bat, the matchmaker will spend 45 minutes to go over your profile, understand what moves you as a person and the qualities that matter to you in a spouse.
  • The matchmaker will propose 5 to 7 matches over 12 month period. The proposed profiles will be pre-screened to make sure there’s mutual interest so you feel confident before introductions. The matchmaker will go the extra step to social proof select matches (up to 2) for additional vetting by contacting either their friends, family, and or others in their respective community.
$ 109 ,95 /Month

maharaja chai - Exclusive Package
  • Investing in yourself is one of THE most important gift you can give yourself. This isn’t necessarily a new concept. We spend countless time and resources in our education, our physical appearance, or our careers. But somehow with the combining factors of culture, the internet era, and perhaps a false sense of reality from friends and family, we drop the ball when it comes to spousal search.
  • Hire your own personal matchmaker that will become your personal advocate. The matchmaker will get to know you comprehensively during a 90 minute consultation call and recapture your profile that exhibits qualities of a good marriage partner.
  • The matchmaker will propose anywhere from 5 to 10 matches over a 12 month period. You will have frequent touch points with the matchmaker to apprise you of the efforts. Other benefits include special session with one of our image consultants, pre-marital counseling with one of our certified counselors, and social proofing for additional vetting by contacting either their friends, family, and or others in their respective community.
$ 299 ,95 /Month

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Our Story

An introduction or even an agreement traditionally have happened over a "chai" attended by families in places such as South Asia. But because we are dispersed in various regions of America and the West, many Muslims want to have the opportunities to get to know one another before forming a lifelong partnership. Moreover, Racism, xenophobia and class division are a reality of the conversation that plays out when it comes to finding a spouse. This can be challenging, hence Beyond Chai!

Beyond Chai takes on a combination of new and traditional approach to find suitable matches for single Muslims and hope to offer opportunities for social interaction through events and projects. Moreover and importantly, we are building platforms and elevating marriage related conversations to new levels by working with our marriage counselors, community leaders, Imams, and parents & families. In hopes of establishing lifelong and happier marriages. Beyond Chai offers pre-marital counseling and coaching to participants of our programs.

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