Compatibility Survey

Please complete the religiosity survey below

Q1. For women: I wear the hijab
For men: I would like my wife to wear hijab
Q2. I go to the mosque on Friday
Q3. I give Zakah
Q4. I believe that the final and complete religion is Islam
Q5. I pray 5 times a day
Q6. I believe women can wear perfume when she goes out
Q7. I read the Quran more than two times a week
Q8. I believe that men can shake hands with women
Q9. I believe Jinn exist
Q10. I gamble
Q11. I believe that the Qur’an is the final word of Allah
Q12. I seek knowledge because it is a Muslim religious duty
Q13. I believe Allah created angels from light in order that they worship Him, obey Him and carry out His commands
Q14. I drink alcohol
Q15. When I go to social gathering, I sit with my own gender separate from the other gender
Q16. I believe that a man can marry up to four wives
Q17. I smoke cigarettes
Q18. I believe that Hajj is obligatory only once during the lifetime of a Muslim
Q19. I perform ablution (wash face, hands, arms, head, and feet with water) before I pray
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